Requesting access

The latest version of MIMIC is MIMIC-III, which comprises over 58,000 hospital admissions for 38,645 adults and 7,875 neonates. The data spans June 2001 - October 2012. The database, although de-identified, still contains detailed information regarding the clinical care of patients, so must be treated with appropriate care and respect.

Researchers seeking to use the database must formally request access with the steps below:

Complete the required training course

Prior to requesting access to MIMIC, you will need to complete the CITI “Data or Specimens Only Research” course:

  • First register on the CITI program website, selecting “Massachusetts Institute of Technology Affiliates” as your organization affiliation:
  • Follow the links to add a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Affiliates course. In the Human Subjects training category, select the “Data or Specimens Only Research” course
  • Complete the course and save a copy of your completion report. The completion report lists all modules completed, with dates and scores.

Request access to MIMIC-III:

  • Create an account on PhysioNet using the following link: If you already have a PhysioNetWorks account, log in to it.
  • Follow the instructions on PhysioNet to apply for access to the MIMIC-III project, remembering to provide your CITI completion report:
  • When your application has been approved you will receive emails containing instructions for downloading the database from PhysioNetWorks. Approval may take several business days, and will be delayed if your request is missing any required information.
MIMIC-III v1.4 documentation