MIMIC (Medical Information Mart for Intensive Care) is a large, freely-available database comprising deidentified health-related data from patients who were admitted to the critical care units of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. This site contains information from the various versions of MIMIC released over the years:

  • MIMIC-IV contains data from 2008-2019. The data was collected from Metavision bedside monitors.
  • MIMIC-III contains data from 2001-2012. The data was collected from Metavision and CareVue bedside monitors.
  • MIMIC-II contains data from 2001-2008. The data was collected from CareVue bedside monitors. MIMIC-II is no longer publicly available but the data can still be obtained from MIMIC-III by only including data from the CareVue monitors.


MIMIC data sources

MIMIC is comprised of data collected from two different clinical information systems: CareVue and MetaVision.

Glossary of terms