MIMIC Querybuilder

The MIMIC Querybuilder is a graphical interface for running SQL queries on the MIMIC-III database. It is intended for light exploration of the data, in particular for researchers who are new to MIMIC-III and seeking to gain an understanding of its structure. Researchers seeking to carry out research projects with MIMIC should follow our instructions for building a local version of the database.

Notes and limitations

Queries should be written using PostgreSQL syntax. Two key limitations have been implemented to manage server load:

  • The system has been intentionally limited to return only the first 5000 rows of a query
  • All queries have a maximum running time of 15 minutes. Queries that run for over 15 minutes will time out, returning no results.

While we will aim to provide a stable service, our laboratory has limited resources and so we cannot commit to providing continuous uptime.

Access Querybuilder

Querybuilder is available via the following link, using the PhysioNetWorks username (email address) and password provided to you upon being granted access: https://querybuilder-lcp.mit.edu/