Google Cloud Storage

Access the MIMIC datasets on Google Cloud Storage (GCS).

The MIMIC databases are hosted on Google Cloud Storage (GCS). Access to the bucket, if available, can be requested via the PhysioNet project page. See this page for more detail on this process.

Datasets available on GCS include:

** MIMIC-IV-CXR is over 4.7 TB, almost entirely due to the size of the DICOMs. Users should strongly consider not downloading the data, and instead using it within Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which we support natively. GCP does not charge for data transfer within a region in GCP (see this page for more details about network charges.).

Downloading a dataset using gsutil

gsutil is a command-line tool for interacting with object stores. You’ll need to install gsutil locally and authenticate with the same Google account you have linked to your PhysioNet account.

See their instruction page for details on the install and configuration process:

Once you have gsutil installed and authenticated, you can download a dataset using the gsutil -m cp command, where -m requests multiprocessing. For example, you can download MIMIC-IV as follows:

gsutil -m cp -r gs:// ./

… which will download all the data (~7 GB) in the MIMIC-III project to your local folder.