The hospital service(s) which cared for the patient during their hospitalization.


The services table describes the service that a patient was admitted under. While a patient can be physicially located at a given ICU type (say MICU), they are not necessarily being cared for by the team which staffs the MICU. This can happen due to a number of reasons, including bed shortage. The services table should be used if interested in identifying the type of service a patient is receiving in the hospital. For example, if interested in identifying surgical patients, the recommended method is searching for patients admitted under a surgical service.

Each service is listed in the table as an abbreviation - this is exactly how the data is stored in the hospital database. For user convenience, we have provided a description of each service type.

Service Description
CMED Cardiac Medical - for non-surgical cardiac related admissions
CSURG Cardiac Surgery - for surgical cardiac admissions
DENT Dental - for dental/jaw related admissions
ENT Ear, nose, and throat - conditions primarily affecting these areas
EYE Eye diseases - including subspecialty services in glaucoma, cataract surgery, cornea and external diseases, and neuro-ophthalmology.
GU Genitourinary - reproductive organs/urinary system
GYN Gynecological - female reproductive systems and breasts
MED Medical - general service for internal medicine
NB Newborn - infants born at the hospital
NBB Newborn baby - infants born at the hospital
NMED Neurologic Medical - non-surgical, relating to the brain
NSURG Neurologic Surgical - surgical, relating to the brain
OBS Obstetrics - conerned with childbirth and the care of women giving birth
ORTHO Orthopaedic - surgical, relating to the musculoskeletal system
OMED Orthopaedic medicine - non-surgical, relating to musculoskeletal system
PSURG Plastic - restortation/reconstruction of the human body (including cosmetic or aesthetic)
PSYCH Psychiatric - mental disorders relating to mood, behaviour, cognition, or perceptions
SURG Surgical - general surgical service not classified elsewhere
TRAUM Trauma - injury or damage caused by physical harm from an external source
TSURG Thoracic Surgical - surgery on the thorax, located between the neck and the abdomen
VSURG Vascular Surgical - surgery relating to the circulatory system
  • patients on subject_id
  • admissions on hadm_id

Table columns

Name Postgres data type
subject_id INT
hadm_id INT
transfertime TIMESTAMP(0)
prev_service VARCHAR(20)
curr_service VARCHAR(20)


subject_id is a unique identifier which specifies an individual patient. Any rows associated with a single subject_id pertain to the same individual.


hadm_id is an integer identifier which is unique for each patient hospitalization.


transfertime is the time at which the patient moved from the prev_service (if present) to the curr_service.

prev_service, curr_service

prev_service and curr_service are the previous and current service that the patient resides under.