Help and support

MIMIC is provided through the work of researchers at the MIT Laboratory for Computational Physiology and our collaborators. We have limited resources and cannot provide individual support to researchers worldwide.

How can I find an answer to my question or investigate a problem?

We recommend searching the MIMIC Code Repository GitHub issues and discussions pages for your problem or question. These pages already contains a number of useful discussions around nuanced aspects of the data.

How can I get help with setup and analysis?

MIMIC is a complex dataset and we understand that there are many open questions, both in terms of the data and its analysis. We encourage MIMIC users to work together as a community, and actively participate in the discussion. If you are seeking advice for a specific question, we would suggest using discussions on the MIMIC Code Repository. Please demonstrate that you have investigated the question yourself! Simply asking “how do I find X in MIMIC” is unlikely to garner any useful response, since it’s unclear what you have or have not tried yet.

How can I highlight an issue relating to the MIMIC dataset?

If you identify an issue with the MIMIC data (for example, errors in the data, unusual characteristics, etc), we suggest raising an issue on the MIMIC Code Repository.

How do I raise an issue or ask for help on the MIMIC Code Repository?

See the contributing section for information about raising issues or asking for help.

How can I contribute my work to the community?

Contributing is easy! Both the website documentation and the code repository are openly collaborated upon via GitHub - and your contributions are welcome. See our notes on how to get involved for further information.

What if I have found something that may involve sensitive information?

One exception to public discussion is where a topic is sensitive, for example relating to patient health information (PHI). If you need to raise an issue related to PHI, please contact:

If you need to raise an otherwise private issue, please contact us: