Information regarding patient outputs including urine, drainage, and so on.

The outputevents table

Table source: MetaVision ICU database.

Table purpose: Output data for patients.

Number of rows: 3,703,137

Links to:

  • patients on subject_id
  • admissions on hadm_id
  • icustays on stay_id
  • d_items on itemid

Table columns

Name Data type
subject_id Integer
hadm_id Integer
stay_id Integer
charttime Date with times
storetime Date with times
itemid Integer
value Floating point number
valueuom Text

Detailed Description

subject_id, hadm_id, stay_id

Identifiers which specify the patient: subject_id is unique to a patient, hadm_id is unique to a patient hospital stay and stay_id is unique to a patient ICU stay.


CHARTTIME is the time of an output event.


STORETIME records the time at which an observation was manually input or manually validated by a member of the clinical staff.


Identifier for a single measurement type in the database. Each row associated with one ITEMID (e.g. 212) corresponds to an instantiation of the same measurement (e.g. heart rate).


VALUE and VALUEUOM list the amount of a substance at the CHARTTIME (when the exact start time is unknown, but usually up to an hour before).