MetaVision is a clinical information system provided by iMDSoft which archives and displays data at the bedside for patients cared in intensive care units at the Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center. MIMIC-IV is solely comprised of data from Metavision. Part of the MIMIC-III database is extracted from the MetaVision system, the other part is extracted from the CareVue system. The immediate consequence of this is that data for the entire duration of the MIMIC-III database needs to be extracted using special steps of different ITEMID in order to get data from both systems.

MetaVision is frequently referenced in the MIMIC-III documentation because:

  • Patients in the MetaVision system are admitted at a later date (2008 and onward)
  • Patients in the MetaVision system have data archived in a different format
  • All ITEMID for MetaVision patients will differ from CareVue patients