Contributions and questions

If I notice a problem, how do I raise an issue on the MIMIC Code Repository?

To raise an issue, first navigate to the MIMIC Code Repository issues page. After logging in to GitHub, click “New issue”, add a title and description of the problem, and then select the “Submit new issue” button.

How do I ask questions about MIMIC?

Discussions can be used to seek advice for how to do something within the MIMIC ecosystem. If you have a question about how to do something but don’t think there is a problem with the code you can use discussions instead of issues. If you know the answer to a question being asked in discussions we appreciate you taking the time to answer it!

How can I help to improve the MIMIC website and documentation?

Content for the MIMIC website and documentation is hosted publicly on GitHub:

To raise a problem or to suggest an improvement, please create a new issue at:

To fix an issue or to contribute new content, please either select the ‘Edit this page’ item in the left hand menu of the website or submit a pull request in GitHub.

How can I share code that I have written for MIMIC?

We encourage you to share the code that you use for analyzing the data. We currently collaboratively develop code in the MIMIC Code Repository:

Do I need to contribute my code to the MIMIC Code Repository?

Of course not - feel free to start your own repository! Be sure to tag it for discoverability - for example, on GitHub, you can use the mimic-iii tag.