Procedures documented during the ICU stay (e.g. ventilation), though not necessarily conducted within the ICU (e.g. x-ray imaging).

The procedureevents_mv table

Table source: MetaVision ICU database.

Table purpose: Contains procedures for patients

Number of rows: 592,932

Links to:

  • patients on subject_id
  • admissions on hadm_id
  • icustays on stay_id
  • d_items on itemid

Table columns

Name Data type
subject_id Integer
hadm_id Integer
stay_id Integer
itemid Integer
charttime Date with times
storetime Date with times
value Text
valuenum Decimal number
valueuom Text
warning Binary (0 or 1)
location VARCHAR(30)
locationcategory VARCHAR(30)
storetime TIMESTAMP(0)
cgid INT
orderid INT
linkorderid INT
ordercategoryname VARCHAR(100)
secondaryordercategoryname VARCHAR(100)
ordercategorydescription VARCHAR(50)
isopenbag SMALLINT
continueinnextdept SMALLINT
cancelreason SMALLINT
statusdescription VARCHAR(30)
comments_editedby VARCHAR(30)
comments_canceledby VARCHAR(30)
comments_date TIMESTAMP(0)