Linking your cloud account

How to connect your PhysioNet account to a cloud account.

MIMIC is available for use via two cloud platforms: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Access to these services is directly controlled via your PhysioNet account.

We will assume you are a credentialed user on PhysioNet and have signed the MIMIC data use agreement.

Adding cloud credentials

Go to your PhysioNet profile page.

Profile page on PhysioNet

Click “Emails”:

Navigate to the e-mails page

For GCP access, ensure that one of your e-mails is a Google account. This can either be a gmail account (as in the picture), or a G Suite account if your organization is a member of G Suite. You can add an e-mail at the bottom of the page:

Navigate to the Cloud page

You will need to verify your e-mail address before continuing (note: e-mail addresses are only used for GCP access, and not for AWS access).

Once you have a verified e-mail address ready, navigate to the “Cloud” page on PhysioNet.

Navigate to the Cloud page

You should see two options on this page: one for GCP, and one for AWS.

Profile cloud credentials

For GCP, click the drop down menu and set your GCP e-mail to the Google account you provided in the earlier step.

For AWS, add your AWS canonical ID. This is not your e-mail. It is a numeric identifier that can be found in your AWS cloud profile. Click here to go to your AWS profile page. Then look for your “Account Id”:


Linked account

Once you have successfully linked a cloud account to your PhysioNet profile, the next step is to request access to MIMIC for your cloud account.