Supplementary information for electronic administrations recorded in emar.


The emar_detail table contains information for each medicine administration made in the EMAR table. Information includes the associated pharmacy order, the dose due, the dose given, and many other parameters associated with the medical administration.

  • emar on emar_id
  • pharmacy on pharmacy_id

Important considerations

  • The eMAR system was implemented during 2011-2013. As a result, eMAR data is not available for all patients.

Table columns

Name Postgres data type
emar_id VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL
parent_field_ordinal VARCHAR(10)
administration_type VARCHAR(50)
pharmacy_id INTEGER
barcode_type VARCHAR(4)
reason_for_no_barcode TEXT
complete_dose_not_given VARCHAR(5)
dose_due VARCHAR(100)
dose_due_unit VARCHAR(50)
dose_given VARCHAR(255)
dose_given_unit VARCHAR(50)
will_remainder_of_dose_be_given VARCHAR(5)
product_amount_given VARCHAR(30)
product_unit VARCHAR(30)
product_code VARCHAR(30)
product_description VARCHAR(255)
product_description_other VARCHAR(255)
prior_infusion_rate VARCHAR(40)
infusion_rate VARCHAR(40)
infusion_rate_adjustment VARCHAR(50)
infusion_rate_adjustment_amount VARCHAR(30)
infusion_rate_unit VARCHAR(30)
route VARCHAR(10)
infusion_complete VARCHAR(1)
completion_interval VARCHAR(50)
new_iv_bag_hung VARCHAR(1)
continued_infusion_in_other_location VARCHAR(1)
restart_interval TEXT
side VARCHAR(10)
site VARCHAR(255)
non_formulary_visual_verification VARCHAR(1)


subject_id is a unique identifier which specifies an individual patient. Any rows associated with a single subject_id pertain to the same individual.

emar_id, emar_seq

Identifiers for the eMAR table. emar_id is a unique identifier for each order made in eMAR. emar_seq is a consecutive integer which numbers eMAR orders chronologically. emar_id is composed of subject_id and emar_seq in the following pattern: ‘subject_id-emar_seq’.


parent_field_ordinal delineates multiple administrations for the same eMar event, e.g. multiple formulary doses for the full dose. As eMAR requires the administrating provider to scan a barcode for each formulary provided to the patient, it is often the case that multiple rows in emar_detail correspond to a single row in emar (e.g. multiple pills are administered which add up to the desired dose). The structure for emar_detail rows is as follows:

  • There is one row per eMAR order with a NULL parent_field_ordinal: this row usually contains the desired dose for the administration.
  • Afterward, if there are N formulary doses, parent_field_ordinal will take values ‘1.1’, ‘1.2’, …, ‘1.N’.

The most common case occurs when there is only one formulary dose per medication. In this case the emar_id will have two rows in the emar_detail table: one with a NULL value for parent_field_ordinal (usually providing the dose due), and one row with a value of ‘1.1’ for parent_field_ordinal (usually providing the actual dose administered).


The type of administration, including ‘IV Bolus’, ‘IV Infusion’, ‘Medication Infusion’, ‘Transdermal Patch’, and so on.


An identifier which allows linking the eMAR order to pharmacy information provided in the pharmacy table. Note: rarely the same emar_id may have multiple distinct pharmacy_id across rows in the emar_detail table.

Remaining columns

The remaining columns provide information about the delivery of the formulary dose of the administered medication.