Getting Started

Instructions for getting access to MIMIC, and detail about cloud services available to work with the data.

Although de-identified, the datasets described herein contain detailed information regarding the clinical care of patients, and as such it must be treated with appropriate care and respect.

Researchers seeking to use the database must:

  1. Become a credentialed user on PhysioNet. This involves completion of a training course in human subjects research.
  2. Sign the data use agreement (DUA). Adherence to the terms of the DUA is paramount.
  3. Follow the tutorials for direct cloud access (recommended), or download the data locally.

PhysioNet Credentialing

Prior to requesting access to MIMIC, you must become a credentialed user on PhysioNet. Instructions for the credentialing process are provided on PhysioNet. When your application has been approved you will receive an email notification. Approval may take several business days, and will be delayed if your request is missing any required information. Please be sure to provide all requested information. Submissions that are clearly incomplete, incorrect, or frivolous may be discarded without notice. If you are a student (including graduate students) or a postdoc, you must provide your supervisor’s name and contact information in the “reference” section of the form. If you are not listed in a directory or other easy-to-find page of your organization’s website, please provide the name and contact information of a reference such as a supervisor or colleague. Do not list yourself as reference.

Sign the data use agreement

Work with the data

We highly recommend accessing the data through a cloud service. In order to use the cloud service, you must associate your PhysioNet account with your cloud account. The cloud access page provides instructions on how to do this.


Access MIMIC on the Cloud

Local database setup

MIMIC Querybuilder