We seek to include data that supports research relevant to furthering knowledge of critical care. MIMIC currently contains data such as:

  • Laboratory measurements from within the hospital (i.e. inpatient) and from clinics (i.e. outpatient)
  • Charted observations during a patient’s stay in the intensive care unit
  • De-identified notes regarding the patient’s stay, including nursing notes, physician notes and discharge summaries
  • Echocardiography reports
  • Twelve lead electrocardiogram reports

We hope to supplement MIMIC with additional data in the future. We have particular interest in the following areas:

  • Images corresponding to any medical imaging performed during the patient’s stay
  • Clinical measurements recorded while a patient is present in the operating room
  • Emergency department measurements

If you feel that there are other areas of data which are critical to your study of interest and currently unavailable in the database, please let us know.

MIMIC-III v1.4 documentation