Patient visualization

MIMIC-III is a large relational database, with many diverse data types. This method of data storage does not provide an intuitive picture of a patient stay, nor does it facilitate quick retrieval of information particular to a single patient.

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of what data are available, when they are available, and possible caveats is a time-consuming process when querying across multiple tables of the database.

The patient visualization tool is a graphical interface for exploring data at a patient level. It is intended for light exploration of the data, in particular for researchers who are new to MIMIC-III.

Notes and limitations

While we will aim to provide a stable service, our laboratory has limited resources and so we cannot commit to providing continuous uptime.

Access the application

The patient visualization tool is currently in private testing. It will be made available to the wider MIMIC community once this testing phase is complete.

MIMIC-III v1.4 documentation